Exotic Hardwood Restrictions on Import/Export

The choice of tonewood is immensely important in making fifes and drumsticks. In the past, we have included Honduran rosewood, African blackwood (grenadilla),and Cocobolo among the woods chosen for our top of the line instruments. These exotic hardwoods are all of true rosewood genus Dalbergia, and as such have now been removed from the list of raw material lumber that can be legally imported. We have, in the past, used several species of ebony as well, which are still allowed, and we will continue to  work with newly sourced exotics to expand our offering of fifes and drumsticks that are comparable to the rosewoods.

In January of 2017, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) moved all members of the Dalbergia genus (Dalbergia spp.) to an Appendix II status, which denotes species that are targeted for protection. This restricted the import and export of all Dalbergia material worldwide. In the years since, exemptions have been issued for finished musical instruments, parts, and accessories that contain rosewood. These exemptions allow a musician, for example, to travel with a rosewood fife or drumsticks. However, import/export of raw material such as we need to create the instruments is still not allowed.