Single Ply, Steam Bent, Solid Maple Bass Drum Counterhoops

We dimension cut and steam bend of solid one ply hard maple counterhoops from local Vermont trees. You can choose unglued counterhoops to form to your shell yourself, or standard diameter counterhoops with or without rope holes drilled. 

Counterhoops of diameters 30" and up must have shipping costs quoted separately and so cannot be added to a shopping cart from this page. Contact us with your shipping address and the number of hoops you need, along with any other pertinent information, and we will calculate the shipping cost for you before you order.

 30" through 40" formed hoops, no rope holes, $68 each

30: through 40" formed hoops, with rope holes $78 each

30" through 40" unglued counterhoops, $34 each

The dimensions of these standard bass drum counterhoops is 1 7/8" high x 3/8" thick; other dimensions can be made by custom order. If you are using rope hoops or rod claws be sure to look closely at the thickness of the hoop you need and let us know if you need a custom size or have any questions about our standard sizes.

Many times an antique or vintage drum will need to have the counterhoop formed directly on the shell because the shell is out of round or of an unusual diameter. You can send the shell (or the entire drum) to us to have the counterhoop sized. But if you feel comfortable taking on the project, you can purchase unglued counterhoops to fit and glue the counterhoop yourself on your shell.