Handmade Hardwood Fifes and Plastic Fifes

Our Standard One-Piece Model Fifes, Cooperman Traditional One-Piece Model Fifes, Old Pitch Fifes, and our Two-Piece Model Fifes are all hand turned here at our Vermont shop of the highest quality exotic hardwoods, in the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭).

Our high quality black plastic fifes are crafted here at our Vermont shop from FDA approved material. These fifes are in the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭).

STOCK SUPPLIES OF GRENADILLA, ROSEWOOD, and COCOBOLO. These three exotic hardwoods, long traditional for making fifes, are all part of the genus Dalbergia, the "true rosewoods". International regulations (CITES) now ban the import of of any species of the true rosewood genus as lumber. For more details, please go to Exotic Hardwood Restrictions. We have a small supply of Grenadilla, Honduran Rosewood, and Cocobolo that predates the updated CITES regulations, which we can continue to use for making fifes. Any fifes listed in our store are either made from this in-house lumber or were made from lumber that was imported pre-CITES.