Cooperman Traditional model rosewood fife
Cooperman Old Pitch model rosewood fife

Rosewood Fifes

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Due to the supply of rosewood, we are limiting how many fifes of any one model we have in stock for fast delivery at this time. For models marked "not available at this time", please check back often or email us to get on our notification list.

MODEL 18 is the Model 19 instrument modified in outward appearance to be suitable for 18th century representations. This fife is not our stock model, so please allow time for custom delivery, in the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭).

Standard One-Piece Model 6 Hole Fife is the model currently most popular with the fifers of the ancient fife and drum corps. This model is made with the Cloos/Ferrary style simple bore that allows for notable ease of play, the body turning being a slight taper profile with short brass ferrules. This is our stock one-piece model fife, in the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭).

Cooperman Traditional Model Fife has a bore that is slightly larger size than our Standard Model fife, designed to create a bright, loud field instrument. We turn this fife in the classic 18th century/19th century tapered design with mid-size brass ferrules, in the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭).

"Old "Pitch" Model is the model Cooperman developed in the 1960's for Colonial Williamsburg based on a fife in their collection. This is an 18th century pitch fife, quite sharp to our modern ear for what we expect to hear as the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭). While there is no one 18th century pitch, this is certainly one of the pitches appropriate for that period.

Stock Supplies of Rosewood. Honduran rosewood, long a traditional wood for making fifes, is part of the genus Dalbergia, the "true rosewoods". International regulations (CITES) now ban the import of of any species of the true rosewood genus as lumber. For more details, please go to Exotic Hardwood Restrictions. We have a small supply of Honduran Rosewood and Cocobolo that predates the updated CITES regulations, which we can continue to use for making fifes. Any fifes listed in our store are either made from this in-house lumber or were made from lumber that was imported pre-CITES.