Cooperman Model 18 and Model 19 granadillo fifes (not grenadilla)

Granadillo Fifes

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Granadillo (not to be confused with Grenadilla) is a Central American exotic hardwood that has many characteristics similar to rosewod, cocobolo, and grenadilla (African blackwood). This hardwood is not part of the recent import/export restrictions (for details  on that subject, see Exotic Hardwood Restrictions).

MODEL 19 is patterned on mid- to late-19th century antiques in our collection (Cloos, Hall,and  Firth & Pond), and made with the Cloos/Ferrary style simple bore that allows for notable ease of play. This is our stock model of granadillo wood fifes, in the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭).

MODEL 18 is the Model 19 instrument modified in outward appearance to be suitable for 18th century representations. This fife is not our stock model, so please allow time for custom delivery, in the traditional fife key of folk B♭ (concert A♭).