Cooperman tucking a calfskin head

LABOR/FLESH HOOP ONLY: Tuck separately ordered new skin head on a new flesh hoop,18"- 26" drum EXCEPT FOR SKINS WITH HAIR

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After you have placed a calfskin or goatskin head in your cart, you can choose to have us tuck that skin on a new flesh hoop for you. We'll use a standard size flesh hoop sized for a standard diameter.

These prices are for calfskin or goatskin heads WITHOUT HAIR. If you want a goatskin tucked with the hair left on it, please see that separate listing.

If your drum is antique, vintage, or has any other fit issues contact us before ordering. All drums can be accommodated but some will need more care for the correct sizing or may  need to have a flesh hoop custom formed on the shell. We can also tuck a new skin head on your existing flesh hoop, contact us for details.