calfskin and goatskin heads, standard, for color
goatskin head for snare (resonant) side, basic

Calfskin and Goatskin Snare (Resonant) Heads for 14" through 17" diameter drums

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We carry the highest grade calfskin and goatskin heads in a wide range of sizes, and use the terminology STANDARD to mean high grade calfskin and goatskin heads produced domestically with a careful eye to consistency in thickness.

We also stock BASIC quality goatskin heads. These heads are durable, economical, and well suited for drums that need to look time-period authentic or are intended primarily for display purposes.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the size or thickness of calfskin or goatskin that you need.

There are several options for ordering these heads. You can order the flat (untucked) skin, or the skin pretucked on a new flesh hoop, or you can choose to send us your existing flesh hoop to use for tucking the new head.

Order the flat calfskin or goatskin here, then add services for tucking if you'd like us to do so.