Cooperman 19th century style strainer, shown on drum
Leather anchor for Cooperman 19th century style hoop-mounted  strainer, anchor side
Cooperman 19th c style hoop-mounted strainer, shown in parts

19th Century / Civil War Style Snare Strainer

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The Civil War style strainer is a simple hoop-mounted strainer that is appropriate for mid to late 19th century drums, and is still popular today as a simple and economical solution for rope tension drums. If you are a period reenactor or if you have a drum with this strainer on it that needs repair or improvement, or if you are modifying a drum where you don't want to drill any holes in the shell, this is an excellent choice.

We recommend 4 strands of our 11 gauge standard gut for use with this strainer. If you are replacing parts on a non-Cooperman version of this type of strainer, please contact us before purchasing so we can determine if our parts are a suitable fit for your strainer.