Cooperman J hook strainer, shown on drum
Cooperman J hook strainer, showing all parts

J Hook Snare Strainer

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The J hook strainer is a simple shell-mounted strainer that is appropriate for 18th century through early 19th century style drums, and appears as well today on many imported drums. This strainer calls for a continuous length of snare gut (rather than individual strands), which bends over the edge of the shell on each side of the drum. For this reason the J hook strainer is not as responsive as the 19th century/Civil War style hoop mounted strainer, nor any modern strainer including the Cooperman Liberty strainer. However, if you are a period reenactor or if you have a drum with this strainer on it that needs repair or improvement, this is an excellent choice.

We recommend our 11 gauge basic gut in the continuous 18 ft. roll for use with this strainer. If you are replacing parts on a non-Cooperman version of a J hook strainer, please contact us before purchasing so we can determine if our parts are a suitable fit for your strainer.