Model 50: Civil War
Cooperman Civil war Model drumsticks

Model 50: Civil War

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7/8" diameter at base with long taper base to bead, 16 3/4" length, 5/8" large round bead. Choose from "First Quality" pairs or "Outlier" pairs.

#50 Civil War is one of our historical period models, based on an original mid-19th century stick. This is our heaviest models, featuring a large round bead with the long gentle taper from butt to bead that is so often seen drumsticks of this time period. Gram weights run from the mid-90s up to the 120s, most pairs are in the teens. Made in American hickory.

  • Our first quality pairs are fully matched for weight and pitch.
  • "Outliers" in this Civil War Model are first quality sticks that are weight matched only. The high weight of these sticks makes the weight match more important than the pitch match for rudimental field drumming.

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