Cooperman signature Liberty carry hook with hoop fitting. The length of the tapped shaft will be customized for snare or bass drum use.
Cooperman Liberty design carry hook on drum
Cooperman military style carry on drum
Cooperman British style bronze carry hook
Cooperman British style carry hook

Snare Drum Carrys

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We offer 4 styles of drum carry:

The Cooperman signature Liberty carry hook is cast in bronze for durability. It is a hoop-mounted, closed-eye design that is optimal for the traditional carry angle of the snare drum.

The flat plate style or "military" carry is a stainless steel, hoop-mounted carry that brings the drum to a slightly flatter carry angle than the Liberty carry.

The traditional British style carry fitting is a hoop-mounted bronze casting with an angled downward-pointing hook. This is appropriate for period impressions.

The simple ring carry is a brass ring that slips onto the rope when you're roping your drum.