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Welcome to our 2 new online stores - here and at CoopermanFrameDrums.com
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Historical Inspirations for Our Inlaid Star Drum

We recently posted a drum for sale that referenced a C. & F. Soistmann drum ca. 1864 as inspiration for the star, or compass rose, pattern that was hand-inlaid on the shell. This Soistmann drum is shown on p. 68 of Caba’s book; on p. 67, Caba says that  "Francis" (should be Frederick) Soistmann was the inlay artist while he was working with his brother, "Charles" (should be Conrad).

We’ll be posting for sale in a day or so another drum with an inlaid star pattern much like this Soistmann drum. It’s a J. W. Pepper snare drum which coincidentally also visually matches up with a drum in the Caba book on p.64, except that the drum for sale has a simple rod tensioning system. The address on the label would place our Pepper drum as being made between 1883 and 1910. We will also have a J. W. Pepper & Son drum for sale, this one a piccolo snare drum, rod tension. Its label and writing inside the shell indicate a date of around 1912. More to come on the Pepper drums, and the relationship of Pepper to another branch of the Soistmann drum making family.

G. Craig Caba. United States Military Drums 1845-1865, Civil War Antquities 1977.

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  • Patsy on

    At first this looked a lot like a compass rose, but I believe it’s meant to be a star or starburst. The points don’t align with the cardinal points of a compass, and the 10 points are not in sync with the 8/8/16 wind points for a compass rose. Why did the makers of the drum chose a 10 point star? We don’t know.

  • Frame Drum Patrick on

    Is the design a star or a compass rose?

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